Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys! Make this year count more than ever, but not at a cost. Do everything you want without hesitation and may all your dreams come true <3 =W=

San Francisco Baby

Had an awesome week in San Francisco. Wow. Loved the energy and positivity. Took me by surprise! Expression has no exception. Keep exploring =W=


Remix remix

Weeva continues his collaboration with vocalist James Mulholland (aka Techniques). Final vocals cut, remixing begins! 2 versions already! #musicproducer

Squeeza teaza


Been working on a track with James Mulholland for past few months. I like this slower approach to writing tracks. Art has no timeline or time limit =W=

Refitting the Studio

Moved into new premises to take production to the next level. New Mic-ing and a pleasant attic view. Got some tracks to complete including one featuring james mulholland. Looking forward to a new start. =W=