Weeva Collaborates with “Techniques”


Weeva is collaborating with electronic musician “Techniques” (James Mulholland, formerly from Kitsune label) on an #uptempo #electro track dubbed “Lose My Mind”.  They’ve been in the studio for just 3 weeks and already hitting it off with 3 different mixes of the same track; always good for a remix EP maybe. Most of all though James is a mate who I’ve known for years. I’ve remixed one of his tracks before (Dont’ You Want to Love) which was released on Electronic Rumours label, Bristol.

Collaboration with Techniques (James Mulholland)
Techniques (James Mulholland)

About Techniques

Previously, James had success with his rock band the KBC; they hit the top of the charts in Japan! His manager then and now is Mick Shiner (Plan B, Example). James is an avid performer having gigged all over the world from Japan, to Paris to Kendall Calling. In some ways it is funny that we didn’t meet before we did, since I used to gig in the Far East too. Or, maybe we did! (Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore?)


Previous Collaborations with Techniques:


More Syncs for Weeva

Shows that have recently sync’d Weeva music:

– Inner Space (Canadian TV)
– Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day (TC Russia)
– Married To Medicine (ITVbe)
– Real Housewives Of Atlanta (ITV2)

weeva logo
weeva logo


Thrilled by tonight’s beautiful reaction to Weeva’s nu track “Shukky Wut”

Thrilled by tonight’s beautiful reaction by DJs and Twitterers to the BBC debut of my new track “Shukky Wut”; here’s some choice quotes from the DJs:

DJ Dean Jackson: “as this [track] is playing out, looking around the radio station, not just in the studio but outside as well, everyone is moving, its like some sort of virus that worked through the air in the nicest possible way…its got everyone moving, literally everybody i can see is moving…everybody”

DJ James Clegg: “you cant keep still to a track like this…its incredible”


<3 \\0// =W=

Funny moment during a gig?

I was asked about this – what is the funniest thing that happened in a gig? Well, there are a few! But here’s one for starters in this post:

While performing at Bath University, the marshall amplifier blew up! While the engineers tried to fix it, I had to keep the audience alternatively entertained by doing a stand-up act. This was completely improvised for about 15 mins until Marshall was ready to go again! Its funny what you can pull-off when you’re put on the spot!